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Friday, February 3, 2012

Stress Management: Massage, Deep Relaxation and Shavasana (Posture Like Dead Body)

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Alternate Methods/Techniques of Stress Management

Many people use many alternative techniques to cope up with their stresses and strains.

We are including some of these alternative techniques in our various blog posts, a few techniques per post. Though certain methodologies have been suggested for these techniques, you need not have to copy them ditto in any ritualistic way. You can introduce some suitable adjustments in them in order to help them suit your requirements for your own comfort.

The nomenclatures may vary. Yet, some often-used labels have been assigned to these techniques.

In this post we are describing three of such alternate techniques of stress management called “Massage”, “Deep Relaxation” and “Shavasana (Posture Like Dead Body)”.


Massage is a kind of manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues.

Full or partial body massage or just about facial massage administered by an expert masseur or a massage therapist is believed to relieve the tensions and stresses. It definitely provides a satisfactory level of relaxation.
Make sure that the masseur or massage therapist you select is an authentic one and knows the job. Similarly you will also have to make the choice of the type of massage you wish to undergo from among the large methods of massage therapies that are available.

Deep Relaxation
  • Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Support your back properly.
  • Take couple of deep breaths (do belly breathing as given in chapter 18 of this book).
  • Close your eyes.
  • Do a complete body-check to locate the areas of tension.
  • Now take each tense area of body, one at a time and relax the involved muscles. Try increasing the tension and hold it for a count of one to ten and then release. You may even like to gently press or massage that part of the body.
  • Simultaneously repeat in your mind that you are feeling the warmth in that part of the body and it is getting relaxed.
  • Repeat it, in turn, for each tense area of your body.
  • Practice it for about fifteen to twenty minutes to cover the entire body.
  • End the session by taking several deep breathes.
  • Get up slowly and start your other activities.
Shavasana (Posture Like Dead Body)
  • Do not wear tight clothes.
  • Lying on the back spread both the legs and keep them at a distance of 1 or 1.5 feet apart. Keep the heels facing inside and allow the toes to fall outside and relax them.
  • Take both the hands little away, say 3 to 4 inches, from the body and relax them. Keep the palms facing the ceiling and the fingers half-closed but not tightly.
  • Turn the neck to any side and relax it.
  • Now, tighten and then relax the muscles of the face.
  • Keep the eyes closed with ease and without pressure.
  • Continue to be in this state for ten to fifteen minutes or even more and resort to slow breathing.
  • Do not go to sleep.
  • After lapse of ten to fifteen minutes (or as per your requirement of duration), open the eyes and straighten the neck.
  • Move the hands near to the body.
  • Bring both the legs together and take the supine position.
  • Get up slowly after a few minutes and start your other activities
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  1. I have tried shavasana and I feel very relaxed after doing this. Thanks for sharing other tips as well. Will surely try them.

  2. All the tips shared here are extremely useful.

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