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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Romance of Intimacy: The Great Stress Reliever

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Our Book: "Romance of Intimacy" 

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Every married couple, every couple about to get married and the others who are in other relationships will be lucky to own this book titled "The Romance of Intimacy". It is an authentic guide on how to build, maintain and enhance the relationships. And it is written by the authentic authors.

Our ace authors Shyam Bhatawdekar and Dr Kalpana Bhatawdekar are multifaceted personalities. First and foremost, they are great human beings and a happily married couple of nearly 40 years standing. Besides they are rationally, emotionally and  spiritually intelligent as is evident from their  personal and professional profile- they are top notch business executives, highly sought after business consultants, eminent management gurus, prolific authors, authentic human behavior experts, humane psychologists, presenters par excellence.

Therefore, they are quite competent to tell you a thing or two about life in general and the married life in particular. They believe that if you are married and wish to remain married, you must try to seek the “bliss” of the married life. 

And as per them it is achieved by designing and experiencing intimacy in marriage. The partners in a relationship can romance in intimacy provided they wish to do it and provided they develop the skills and competencies that are needed to develop and enhance such an intimacy. It does not happen automatically. One has to take steps to do it.  

In this book, the authors suggest a six point program to achieve this. Each point of the six point program is one important lesson that needs to be understood and then implemented very well. 

Some excerpts from the book are re-produced below:

Need for Building Intimacy in Your Marriage

The fact of life is that you live with your parents and brothers and sisters for just  about 15 to 20 years of your entire life.  You live with your own children only for 15 to 20 years of your life. And you live 
with your spouse for around 60 to 70  years of your life if you got married at your  age 30 and your total life span is 90 to 100 years. 

So isn't it very obvious that you should invest more of your time and efforts in building up your married life? Don't you think you need to do whatever it needs to keep up the relationship with your spouse and spruce it up further to new heights? 

Over a period of time many of us get into a rut and forget what it needs to maintain, build up and enhance the relationship. So, here are some reminder lessons for you. 

Each of the forthcoming chapters of the book will narrate one important lesson. Implement this lesson and practice it again and again till it becomes your habit and happens to you naturally. 

While the book primarily deals with building intimacies between husband and wife in a marriage, the material suggested in the book is valid for any other types of relationships.  

So, without any further wait, now read the full book and begin your romance. The number of pages in the book are less than 100 and so its not a bulky, boring or time consuming book. The book can be read in  couple of hours and will come handy as a reference material throughout everyone's entire life.

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