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Friday, August 9, 2013

Health Essentials

The Book: "Health Essentials (Health Is Wealth)": Very Important for Everyone in Every Family

(You can obtain your e-copy of the book from the Nuubuu link and the printed book from Amazon)

The famous saying “Health is Wealth” is not a cliché. Having good health is more valuable than having material wealth since you can’t enjoy the wealth without health. The fact is health itself is an important kind of wealth. Even if you do not possess much money or assets you can still be far happier being in great shape physically, emotionally and mentally if you possess the most important asset called “health”.

That’s the reason for bringing forth this book to benefit everyone and to remind about the things you can do to keep healthy throughout your life, not feel miserable and stay capable of creating and enjoying this wealth as well as other types of wealth.

The suggestions the authors have made in this book for keeping healthy are very simple, quite practical, most economical and easily understandable. The entire book has been written in a layman’s language keeping out all the difficult to understand jargons.

This book is based on collective native wisdom derived from close observations of the persons who lived happily and healthily till age 90 to 100 plus years. It should not be treated as a medical or professional prescription from a doctor or a nutrition expert or a physical trainer or any other professional health practitioner.

Authors (Shyam Bhatawdekar and Dr Kalpana Bhatawdekar) are top-notch business executives, successful entrepreneurs, highly sought after business and management consultants, eminent management gurus and scholars, authentic human behavior experts and prolific authors.

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